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Hot Version Special Edition - DK & Rally Pro..which is better

Rally School by Tommi Makinen

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Its game over for 2009!!! GRA..

The Grass Racing Autosport series had marked its closing of its calendar of championship events of 4 rounds this year. In the Pro- Grass Class Categories had seen Andy Kow bag the overall award scoring full point in the first two rounds and was behind in last next two rounds. It was a tremendous championship this year as the challenges were though and that many skilled drivers were on the pitch of the championship to give the very best challenges to the others and mostly to themselves, yeah, time attack events is more of challenging yourself than competing with other rivals.
It was a nice observation to the pro grass class championship this year as Ee Yoong Cherng gave a massive pressures to the other GRA regulars. Not only him, but William Lim was also in this spotlight of Malaysian Motorsports Tv analysis, for a guy driving a Suzuki Swift (A) but was giving it a full clean swipe off the time that manages him to be in the 5th placing overall. Very impressive the fact that William Lim is driving an auto transmission car but then clocked around other competitors which were driving Japanese tuned up cars and engines such as Jason Foo & Julian Pang with their Mivec engine, Andy Kow in Subaru Impreza, Ee Yoong Cherng & Ariff Johanis which thir cars easily has 200 horsepowers above .
When one of our crews talked to William Lim, he said that it was more of having the right line and apex, and other advantages may include the car setup –more anti roll bars to lessen the time loss and getting the grip at every intersection corners and moreover the hatchback swift gives advantages in ntering the slalom and also, the fact the machine he’s on is an automatic, gives him mor focus and attention to precision driving without much using his left food and shifting gears like the rest .William Lim, had thus justified that precision, and skills matters and it aint solely on what you’re riding. Like I used to quote ‘it aint what you ride but how you ride the machine that matters’ with a british accent though..hehe.
The challenges were also interesting to see that Ee Yoong Cherng gave it a blast to Andy Kow in the last 2 events. He was 1st in the third round and 2nd in the round 4. The way I see it, it’s a good ego booster for all the challengers and a healthy spirit of competition . This is where the competitors can gain an insight to their art of driving and sharing thought bout the car setup, and art of driving.
Andy Despite driving his Subaru Impreza may also benefit with his 4wd but some other factors that might restricted him from our point of view is the engine under his hoods aren’t an Sti engine. Which might give others the advantages. And as at round 4(the final round) hld in Putrajaya, William Lim was 3rd ahead of him on 4th placing which again might be due to the factor of tight slalom and advantages to William Lim on his hatchback ‘Weapon-X’ .But then again , Julian Pang was first and secong was Ee Yoong Cherng so, it aint much about the car size factor here.
Julian Pang, in his white Proton Wira manages to close the placing on 3rd of the overall championship. Ee Yoong Cherng absence in the 2nd round gives way to Julian to collect the championship point and there he was, effort and lucky to have the latter absence in the 2nd round. If we minus his points in the 2nd round of the championship , totalling it all up from round 1, round 3, and round 4 points and comparing it with Ee Yoong Cherng, his points are only 17 points compared to Ee Yoong Cherng of 25 points. A massive gap there of 8marginal points .
Some comparison to the top 5 of Prograss overall championship point with condition all running equal without 2nd round points (Ee Yoong Cherng didn’t compete in 2nd round) it would be as follows:

No. Name CarMake/Model R109 R309 R409 Overall Points

1. Andy Kow S.Impreza 10 9 7 26

2. Ee Yoong Cherng N. Silvia 6 10 9 25

3 Jason Foo P.Satria 7 6 10 23

4. Julian Pang P.Wira 1.8 8 3 6 17

5. William Lim S.Swift 5 1 8 14

It can be seen from the above that the Andy Kow & Ee Yoong Cherng was equally fair at some point having both got 10 and 9 points from two rounds but Andy Kow’s advantage was his point in the first round leaving the latter 4 points gap and that point giving him the reserve till the final round 4 to finish as champion leaving just 1 point ahead of Ee Yoong Cherng.
Well, it seems that 2009 is nearing the end of it and we’re entering 2010 just around the corner. The 2009 had showed quite impressive shows from these comptitors despite there are only 4 rounds this year, could be because of the financial crisis which sees most of the industries are affected by it. With 2010 coming soon, we hope that there will be more rounds next year with more cars competing like previous years in GRA. As for 2010, MMTV has something in store for GRA  wanna know what? Then you’ll just have to wait and keep logging on to this site yea!!


Friday, October 30, 2009

Talents : Danny Loong

Danny loong (right) with Arif Johanis @ MDC 2008.

Name: Lim Seang Leng (Danny Loong)

D.O.B: 19 April 1975

Height : 155cm

Weight : 55Kg

Occupation : Self employed

Interest: motor sports, movies, music

Drift car: Toyota Trueno AE 86

Motor sports experience & track record

- Malaysian Drift Challenge USJ Morac Rnd 1 1st runner up

- MyTv3 Drift Session (featured on TV3 for a week) 1st March Shah Alam

- Stunt driver for Impak Maksima the series


-Malaysian Drift Challenge Round 1(top 10 #9)

-Angle-D5 drift practice session every Saturday(USJ MORAC)

-Bukit Jalil Drift Attack (April 2007) (top10)


-Batu Tiga Speedway (#2)( Saturday night event)

- Batu Tiga Speedway (motorcycle)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Talents : Fiz Hariz Fairuz ( Burn)

Nick : Burn Lancer

Machine : Mitsubishi Lancer

Engine : CA18 Det

* personal bio & track records will be updated soon

Talents : Afizul Azha Bin Zakaria aka Jai Bluebird -Drift

DOB 09/11/1981
Height 169cm
Weight 68kg
Blood Type B+
Occupation Automotive Development Engineer, Petronas Powertrain Technology Department, Petronas Research Sdn. Bhd., Bangi

Drift Machine Specifications
Make & Model • Nissan Bluebird 910 SSS

•SR20det S14 Engine
•Garret Dual Ball Bearing GT2871r Turbo
•HKS 87mm Nickel Coated Forged Pistons
•Duratech Forged Connecting Rods
•Tomei Rocker Arm Stopper
•Tomei Type-A Valve springs
•Tomei 80mm bore, 1.2mm Metal Cylinder Head Gasket
•Brian Crower Titanium Valve spring retainers
•ARP Main Block Stud
•ARP Cylinder Head Stud
•Stage 3 Cylinder Head Port & Polish
•OMS Fully Balanced Engine
•OMS Short Block Rebuild with Tomei Assembly Paste
•OMS High Flow Oil Pump Upgrade
•OMS Double Entry Fuel Rail Upgrade
•Z32 AFM
•Apexi Power Intake Air Filter
•Exedy Racing Clutch Plate and Cover
•Nismo Lightweight Flywheel
•GTR R32 Intercooler
•Trust Greddy baffled oil sump
•Trust Greddy oil cooler, Earl's steel braided hose, HKS sandwich type oil filter adapter
•NISMO reinforced engine mountings and transmission mounting
•SARD Denso IK24 spark plugs (Heat rating 8)
•SARD Low Temperature thermostat
•Maximum RPM = 8000rpm
•Maximum Boost = 1.2 bar
•Maximum Power = 330 rwHP

Fuel System

•S13 fuel tank, SR20det in-tank fuel pump
•External Fuel Surge Tank
•External High Flow Bosch Fuel Pump
•External High Flow Fuel Filter
•SARD fuel regulator
•SARD 550cc Injectors

•Full spot weld and body strengthening
•8 points roll cage
•S14 rear axle
•S14 handbrake

Exhaust System
•3” Kakimoto Racing Muffler
•38mm TIAL External Wastegate

Vehicle Handling System

•NISMO 2 way LSD
•S14 4pot front disc brakes + steel braided hose
•R33 2pot rear disc brakes + steel braided hose
•Front suspension: S15 cusco comp S Adj hi-lo,soft-hard, reconditioned shock absorber, 8kg/mm spring rate
•Rear suspension: Zeal Adj hi-lo,soft-hard, reconditioned shock absorbers, 6kg/mm spring rate
•Handling parts (front member): KTS adjustable tie rods, tie rod ends, castor rods
•Handling parts (rear member): KTS adjustable tension rods, adj camber, adj toe and KTS rear subframe rigid collar spacer

Interior & Electronics
• Sparco EVO full bucket seat, Willans 3 point safety harness (Driver)
• Subaru Impreza semi bucket seat, F1-Z 4 point safety harness (Co-Driver)
• Apexi Power FC Engine Management System
• MZS TUNE Apexi Power FC Tuning
• Ultra turbo timer
• Omori electronic oil temp meter
• Apexi electronic oil press meter + controller
• SARD Racing Electronic Exhaust Gas Temperature Meter
• SARD Racing Electronic Fuel Pressure Meter
• HKS EVC5 Electronic Boost Controller

Wheels & Tires

•Manaray Racing Rims (17” X 8.5jj, offset +35), Goodyear Eagle RS-Sport 225/45/R17 tires
•OZ Racing Rims (17” x 8jj, offset +35), Silverstone Evol 8 215/45/R17 tires


• Started drifting in October 2007. To date, he gained approximately 11 months of drifting experience. He showed a lot of passion in drifting motor sport since the first day he started drifting. Even tough he’s still new in drifting, he learned drifting and developed his drifting skills in a very fast rate in just a few months time. He has the capability to adapt and change his driving style in any given time according to the car and track condition. When participating in drift competitions, he will always give his 110% best effort and utilizes all his skills and knowledge in order to reach his goal. He showed pure talent when he managed to qualify in a few drifting competitions, get into Best 8 stages and he even won the 3rd place in Stadium Hang Jebat Old School drift challenge in February 2008. He continuously showed remarkable progress and excellence in drifting skills and drift car setup knowledge. He treated everyday as a learning day for him and he will strive more for great drifting success and achievements in the near future.

Involvement in Drift Events/Competitions:

Jan 2008

• Kg. Gajah, Perak Open Track Day
• Kg. Gajah, Perak Super Drift Challenge
• PD Extreme Park Drift Getaway, Negeri Sembilan
• Goodyear SpeedGala '08, IIUM

Feb 2008

• Stadium Hang Jebat Old School Drift Challenge, Melaka
• Stadium Shah Alam Super Drift Challenge

July 2008

• Sambutan Hari Belia Kebangsaan Drift Event, Bukit Jalil Stadium
• Kementerian Belia Dan Sukan Twin Drift Battle, Bukit Jalil Stadium

August 2008

• Kementerian Belia Dan Sukan Drift Gathering, Bukit Jalil Stadium
• Toyo Drift Challenge, Bukit Jalil Stadium

Sept 2008

• Jebat Drift Challenge 08, Stadium Hang Jebat, Melaka

Nov 2008

• Malaysian Drift Challenge 08 Round 1, MORAC, USJ
• Malaysian Drift Challenge 08 Exhibition Round, Cyberjaya


Jan 2008

•Achieved Best 8 Position in Goodyear SpeedGala '08, IIUM (Novice Category)

Feb 2008

•Won the 3rd place in Stadium Hang Jebat Old School Drift Challenge ’08 (Expert Category), Melaka
• Achieved Best 8 Position in Stadium Shah Alam Super Drift Challenge (Expert Category)

Nov 2008

•Achieved Best 8 Position in Malaysian Drift Challenge 08 Exhibition Round, Cyberjaya. Won trophy for 7th place.

Drifting Career Aspiration

•He aspired to be a fully skilled and expert drifter in one year time.

•He wish to represent & promote any organization/company that is willing to sponsor him to increase the organization’s corporate image, branding and to make sure that the organization becomes further well known in the public community as one of the most prestigious motor sport entity in Malaysia.

•His next goal is to achieve top 3 position (Expert Category) in huge drift competition such as Stardrift Challenge, Toyo Drift Challenge, Malaysian Drift Challenge and etc.

Talents: Mohd Fairuz Nasiruddin ( Fyruz ) -Drift

Date of Birth : 28 March 1978
Height : 179 cm
Age : 31
Weight : 68 kg

 Engine Spec RB 25 det 350 hp, Walbro fuel pump, Ogura Clutch, TIAL Westgate
 Suspension ( F ) TEIN
( R ) TEIN - Soft and Hard

Tyre ( F ) GoodYear 225/45/17
( R ) GoodYear 235/45/17
 Roll Cage - 6 point

 Campus dori Chapter 1 UKM Bangi (Drift Show)
 Campus dori Chapter 2 Uitm Shah Alam (Drift Show)
 MyTV3 Drift Show
 StarDrift Challenge Round 2
 Saturday Night Drift (every Saturday)

 StarDrift Challenge Round-1
 Campus dori Chapter 1 UKM Bangi (Drift Show)
 Campus dori Chapter 2 Uitm Shah Alam (Drift Show)
 Toyo–D Challenge Round 1 Best 32
 StarDrift Challenge Round 2 Best 16
 StarDrift Challenge Round 4
 Malaysian Drift Challenge Road Show
 Malaysian Drift Challenge Round 2 – 2nd place

 Stuntman for TV Program Astro “AC DI SINI”
 Stuntman/Extraman for Drama “REMPIT VS IMPAK MAKSIMA”
 Campus dori Chapter 1 Uitm Shah Alam (Drift Show)
 Jom Heboh TV3 Ayer Keroh Melaka (Drift Show)
 Saturday Night Drift @ Cyberjaya (twice per month)